Lincoln - 040 - 06.09.12 - Masumoto's 43rd Birthday Baseball

The Lincoln boys and Hamada have a special surprise for Matsumoto on his birthday. He’s going to throw the first pitch at a Yokoyama Bay Stars game. Enjoy.





hahhaha loved it.

It did seem more like a “batsu game” than a birthday celebration haha.

Ah. Darn Youtube deleted it. :(

Yeah, seems like youtube removed all of the birthday special =/

Here’s the episode in Pandora & Megaupload.



how do i use the pandora thing do i just add it to the end of the site or wat?

Yes. But if you want to watch it easier, I recommend just downloading it from the Megaupload link.

Whoa! I felt so nervous for Macchan for some reason. ちょっとボケがあるんで!
Poor Macchan.

could someone reupload this please? :) thanks!