Lincoln - 131 - 08.11.11 - Classroom with Seiji

In this episode, the boys are taught by Seiji and Yamaguchi is out to make people laugh, imitating a famous character from our British friends. Enjoy.

I am surprised !!! you got the name this time =P

Lol. Just cause I heard them call out his name.

thank you!!

Does this gem still exist somewhere?

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Hope this help.

Someone sub this please for the love of god!!

[quote="sizenkai":110wi239][quote="DesertStarr":110wi239]Does this gem still exist somewhere?[/quote:110wi239]. ... y-357.html

Hope this help.[/quote:110wi239]
You sir are a saint and a scholar, don’t let anyone tell you different :bow: :inlove:

[quote="bennyhaha":110wi239]Someone sub this please for the love of god!![/quote:110wi239]
Actually I want to sub it, i would need a translater to be able to do a good job. On my my own i will see if i understand enough to do sort of a speed sub. no promises though. :emo: