Lincoln - 207 - 10.08.31 - Masked Man Games Pt. 2

Ma-chan is really, really back in this episode. The Lincoln boys once again play the games devised by a masked fiend. Enjoy. Welcome back Matsumoto, we missed you!

YAY ! I liked the last masked man episode …this is better because matsu-san is back !

thanx spike…

Thank you SpikeBender.

how that you guys get all this latest video anyway…is there a way to even see it online??? or download the episodes from D-Addicts. can be a real pain in the ass though. I wish you luck with it. I would also recommend searching on google or yahoo videos for Lincoln in kanji, sometimes you can find some sites that show the new episode.

It was my first Lincoln episode, and it was fantastic. I didn’t figure out the last number game’s goal.

Commercials are great… and there’s even a Chôno ad towards the end!!! (Strong Zero beverage).

Im glad you liked the episode. There are plenty of really good episodes Tiger, have fun with them!

part 1 episode?


thank you spike

No prob. Glad to see another person enjoying Lincoln.

Who’s the masked man? I have the impression that I know him from some place

I have no idea, Im sorry.

No problem :)

I’ll need to discover who is the masked man. I feel that I know him from somewhere. And this impression don’t pass ;(

The masked man is Ariyoshi.

Thanks! This show is one of my favorites and almost impossible to find. Missed Ma-chan!

Glad you like it Valmar. You’re not alone.