Lincoln - 221 - 11.02.08 - New Year's Bingo - With Torrent

In this special episode, the boys host their friends in a new years party and then play a very "special" game of bingo for prizes. Will anyone come out of it alive? Check it out and see. Enjoy.

Here’s the torrent link. Get it while it still has seeds every one ... 46.torrent

thanks spiky !

where did you get this? any torrent ?

Its in D-addicts

Hey Spike, got a question. Did this eps. count as 220+221 or what’s the deal with that. I’m finally catching up on Lincoln and can’t seem to find 220. Thanks DUUUUUDE!

Hey Garblo, no, this is only 221. I didnt post 220 because it was dull, even for me. Glad you enjoy Lincoln.

Lol at HG’s new character…HL!