Lincoln - 222 - 11.02.15 - Dress Up Bus Ride

In this episode, Hamada and some of the boys take a ride on a bus and play several games, the losers have to dress up in ridiculous costumes and do silly things. Enjoy.

Sounds enjoyable.

– Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:48 pm –

You can download a torrent here!

I found a assload of Lincoln torrents on d-addicts please tell me what quality is like!

hi, the quality is not too good, it is very choppy, even when I use vlc to play it, but thanks for finding it anyway!

Use the torrent to get a better quality vid. The one i use has been converted to a smaller size for storage.

The disguises really suit them.

At the end, you can see from the people’s faces they weren’t too happy, as if they were thinking: "Get the hell out of here, we want to go on skating!!" :P

Hamada’s costumes both really suited him well. Lol.

This sounds like a good one …

Will watch when I get back from Colorado.

Ty and now Downloading ( … ) :!: TM