Lincoln - 223 - 11.02.22 - Let's Follow Mimura

In this episode, the boys follow around Mimura of Summers during a normal day. Enjoy.

There was a TV series that covers the behind the scenes lives of high-profile Japanese people. It was in the same format as Mimura’s behind the scenes segment, and had the same music (the segments with the guitar song). However, it was usually very serious and always interesting. They covered celebrities like the author of the Slam Dunk manga Takehiko Inoue, and the comedian we love, Matsumoto Hitoshi himself. Does anyone have links? I was trying to find them so I could post them here. I’m pretty sure they were on YouTube.

Anyways, it was really funny to see the segment with a more comical take since the TV show Mimura is parodying is very serious. :rofl:

EDIT: Takehiko Inoue’s episode found here, in several parts and subbed in English. Highly interesting. [url:29o9jaki][/url:29o9jaki]

I should be able to find Matsumoto’s somehow…

The name of the show is Professional, there are links to it on D-addicts.

Thank you, Spike! Also, our thread on Matsumoto’s episode is here (duh). [url:283ykl1d][/url:283ykl1d]
The YouTube version is down though. Sorry. :confused:

No worries. Enjoy.

Takehiko Inoue is just amazing. Just thinking of how mangaka’s struggle on deadlines and what not, simply amazing.

whoa, who’s that chick in the game? she’s hot!