Lincoln - 255 - 12.01.24 - Classroom with Ryota Yamasato

And here is the first episode after last weeks internet destruction T_T. The boys are back in the classroom, this time thought by Nankai Candies’ Ryota Yamasato on how to be a perfect idol. Also, the boys discuss Udo’s hemorrhoids in The Pain of Being Udo segment. Enjoy

Thank you ! :D :D :D

:* [color=#FF80FF:1h7lu2qs]Sexy Hamada[/color:1h7lu2qs] :*

No prob, glad you liked it.

I was watching this video off and on and since youku is ALWAYS really slow for me I almost always have it paused, and I just got this add. I nearly cried…I don’t know what it’s about but it’s titled [i:2pmu8odv]Love in the Butt[/i:2pmu8odv]… X)
Has anyone else gotten this??