if its possible =)

I would also like to ask for Lincoln to be subbed. It’s an awesome show with a lot of funny parts.

:clap: i have to request this too plz,

Oh sub-gods above,
grant us some Lincoln goodness please :)

I think it would be an awesome project
to try (without taking anything away from
other awesome shows), purely on the
basis of the variety of comedian’s in it.

The problem is the name though,… I can’t
be sure that there are even subbed episodes
floating around in cyberspace,… when you type
“Lincoln” it always seems to bring up some
president :| :)

Can someone please consider this one?

I found a subbed lincoln thingy, but I don’t know if its’s the mentioned series

[url=][subbed] song[/url:27cng6rn]

there was a few subbed episodes in veoh.
oh and id love to request this as well please :slight_smile:

I would love to see somebody sub Lincoln. I understand it would be harder than usual since its an hour show but you can’t neglect such a good show.

Yeah subs for Lincoln would be great, I’m sure the show’s popularity will grow with them.

indeed a superb show, hope a translation group could take it :*

I would also love to see some episodes subbed :) Especially that "Radio Lincoln" episode when each of them driving in a car and listen to Yamaguchi telling stories.