List of all of them

I can’t believe no one has posted about these episodes yet, this bit is in my top 3 gaki bits, it’s hilarious. Anyways here are all the ones that have aired so far and the original air date:

Murakami teaches how to be a-

ninja - 9.17.2006
green beret - 1.21.2007
pirate - 5.13.2007
pilot - 9.2.2007
clown - 2.17.2008
ghostbuster - 5.25.2008
geisha - 8.31.2008
vampire - 3.1.2009

It’s possible another one has come out since the vampire one but i haven’t seen it.

I will post links to the clown one and on, those are the only one’s I’ve found, if anyone can find the other ones please link it, you will be my hero, those air dates should make it easier to find them.

p.s. my links are veoh links, if you can’t watch it there let me know and i’ll put it up somewhere else.

The newest one is Bull Fighters, #965 (26 July 2009) :P

thanks. i found it and am posting a link now.

update i found all the older ones and posted links!

btw, anyone else enjoy this bit as much as i do?

I love it! they are all so funny, but subs would be awesome :)