List of Best Japanese Movies and Music

Hello gang, was wondering if any of you guys know the best sites that lists the best, top 10,etc Japanese movies and music of the year?

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Also, [url:2o13ys15][/url:2o13ys15]

Survive Style 5+, Nobody Knows, Tokyo Sonata, Spirited Away, The Twilight Samurai, Gozu and Hanging Garden are the best Japanese movies. I don’t like Japanese songs or music. is one of the best in this category (in french)

[quote="Saru":10o0iuks] (german, but usefull)

I think these sites are better than midnighteye, because the updates are more frequently.[/quote:10o0iuks]

Thanks for these.

10 Top Strange Japanese Films:

In Japanese movies i like basically horror movies to watch.Some of movie which i like the most are:

Rampo Noir (2005)
Dark Water (2002)
Infection (2004)
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)


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