LONDON HEARTS ロンドンハーツ 2022

LONDON HEARTS 2022.01.11 - Wakate-jidai no Neta-1 GP #2
若手時代のネタ-1 GP (225 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.01.18 - Shifuku-1 Grand Prix #4
一般女性が選ぶ 私服-1 GP 団体戦 (215 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.01.25 - Face Ranking We Want to be #2
私たちの なりたい顔ランキング (227 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.02.01 - I Was Secretly Doing This Job
こっそり こんな仕事やってました!! (227 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.02.08 - Women Rating Each Other
格付けしあう女たち 「付き合ったら面倒くさそうな女」 (215 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.02.15 - If Such Two Persons Drink #11
密室検証 もしも こんな2人を飲ませたら… (225 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.02.22 - Answer about Your Own Strengths #3
自分の良いトコ 自分で答えましょう (239 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.03.01 - Mutual Love Check GP #3
俺はアイツの何番目? 仲良し芸人ウラ取りGP (217 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.03.08 - YouTube Views Count Up #3
YouTube 再生回数 ギリギリ カウントUP (221 Bytes)


ErnieYoung-san or any other fan of this show with a great memory. Can someone please point me out which was the episode when they send Kano Eiko to another country to do a concert of 50TA and it was all a prank?? I have been wanting to show that episode to my wife to show her how amazing are japanese pranks.

If someone can help me, I will appreciate it greatly

Thank you for your time

LONDON HEARTS - Dokkiri Star Kano Eiko in Taiwan

Aaahhh, dear Ernie-san, ALWAYS to the rescue!! :bow: :bow: :bow: I think I need multiple lives to thank you, my friend. Thank you so much!! My family will have an awesome night watching this.
ありがとう、ともだちよ :bow: :bow: :clap: :clap:

LONDON HEARTS 2022.03.15 - If Nadal Challenges Domino Toppling
もしもナダルがドミノに挑戦したら? (239 Bytes)

Is Japan being hit by a domino fad or is it just a strange coincidence?
Last week was GnT turn, this week it’s LH with a domino episode. ^_^

LONDON HEARTS 2022.03.22 - M-1 Finalists’ Current Status #4 (Part 1)
M-1終わって3カ月 ファイナリスト中間報告

LH_220322_M-1_Finalists’ (241 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.03.29 - M-1 Finalists’ Current Status #4 (Part 2)
M-1終わって3カ月 ファイナリスト中間報告 後半戦

LH_220329_M-1_Finalists’ (241 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.04.05 - If Such Two Persons Drink #12
密室検証 もしも こんな2人を飲ませたら… (227 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.04.12 - Location Shooting Dokkiri
もしもロケでスタッフが1人しか居なくなったら? (219 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.04.19 - Money Borrowing GP
いきなりテレフォン お金貸してGP (205 Bytes)

LONDON HEARTS 2022.04.26 - Urekko Rating Each Other (Part 1)
格付けしあう売れっ子たち 「好きな芸人」 前半戦 (225 Bytes)