This is probably a really weird thing to post about but as I was watching old Gaki episodes, it struck me that Tanaka’s old bowl cut hair looks like Spock.

I’m probably not looking around much since Asian parents tend to give their children bowl cut hair (raises hand guiltily =P)


I’ve just been mulling over the looks the Gaki team has had over the years they’ve been working (together). Like Yamasaki’s afro, and Hamada’s bleached hair along with his Hawaii tanned skin.
And Matsumoto’s baldness.

Any of you guys have any thoughts of their appearances? I guess it’s because it’s also another end of the year and it’s going to be a new year for new Gaki stuff and I’m in reminisce-mode.

I apologize if this seems like some sort of fashion thread.

…Gaki Fashion, I mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I too knew the misfortune of a bowl cut, I thankfully have long hair now. I have said it before in a couple of other threads, but I truly believe that the boys look much better now than when they were younger. Yamazaki has had some actually good hair cuts in the past, the one he has currently is kind of his default look. Macchan looks soooo much better with the saved head and the goatee, makes him look distinguished. Tanaka looks good with long hair and should keep that as his style forever. Endo, being the handsome bastard that he is can really look good in any hair cut. Hamada is the only one I can say doesnt look that good compared to how pretty he used to be, I really think the lots and lots of smoking screwed how he looked.

It’s a torture we were too oblivious to notice, those bowl-cut hair.

I’m imagining a sweating Matsumoto with hair right now and it doesn’t look pretty. Hamada’s hair looks like it’s rubbed by a balloon a lot but I think it should stay that way. I think Yamasaki has the current Spock look but with almond eyes. I didn’t like Endou when he had that long bangs. I have read somewhere that Tanaka has experience in fashion which is probably why he’s so… ‘girly’ sometimes.

I like how when Matsumoto laughs only his bottom set of teeth shows. Yamasaki laughs with his eyes, Hamada has that awesome high-pitch laugh, Tanaka tends to stick his tongue on the roof of his mouth before laughing or when he’s amused, and Endou is like a muppet when laughing :P

Lol, just picturing Endou as a muppet. I think he looks the best when he has his hair spiked. Check out the first Best of video that I put in the other catagory, be shocked and awed at how Macchan and Hamada looked when they were young. Its bad, really bad. The thing about Hamada laugh, I can not picture any other laugh coming from that super sadist. It’s a laugh that says, “Hey, I enjoy seeing people suffer.” I always love when Matsumoto tries to hide his laugh by putting his mouth between his arm, its such a strange way to do it.

LOL iniquiti, those are some in-depth observations about their laughing styles, I never really noticed, but you’re right about all of them.

I must also raise my hand to being a part of the bowl-haircut club at one point in my misfortunate childhood.

I think Endo changes his hair so often that it’s not even noticed. I mean, when you watch an older episode, if someone has different hair you immediately take notice and sometimes try to place the episode chronologically just from the different look, but not with endo. You either don’t even notice or are like ‘well that’s one I haven’t seen yet but will probably never see again so who cares’.

I curse you, bowl haircuts! shakes fists

[b:1qod0768]Kyon:[/b:1qod0768] I love the Gaki team so much I’ve gone and totally observed them through various types of videos :P You’re absolutely right on Endou. He does tend to be the ‘cool guy’ of the group but I see the same style of hair with different lengths though.