Looking for a GNT/possibly Cocorico episode

Trying to find an episode that I watched on Kiku TV in Hawaii. The show is called Cocorico, not sure it it plays Eng Subbed episodes of GNT or Cocorico or what. In this particular episode, three guys ate everything on the menu at a sushi place where you put your plates in a slot and play a game to get a prize (bikkurapon?). I’ve also seen an episode where they were in an apartment and could only eat different preparations of a giant tuna for the duration they were there. Anyone know what show/episode these are? Thanks in advance.

Hi, this was posted in the forum chat room. I thought I’d pass it on in this thread just incase you were to miss it:

[quote:2m5tfw9n]Ikou: @turnerjasmin, up at the forum: It’s Cocorico’s show Ikinari! Ougon densetsu (いきなり!黄金伝説). It airs in japan as well, only it’s on thursdays. Though I’m not sure what episode it is… Hope it helped you![/quote:2m5tfw9n]