lot of skits and more

hiii !

i found a channel on youtube with a lot of short skits and some Broadcasts , enjoy !


one of my favorites [url:2hv452ff]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxbUmr-eLCE[/url:2hv452ff]

only if they have subs on it

Funny skits. Thanks for the link.
Love the Misuzu skits. :)

[quote:3fvoy6iw][i:3fvoy6iw]Originally posted by candlejack[/i:3fvoy6iw]
only if they have subs on it[/quote:3fvoy6iw]
you can actually watch them without subs. They’re funny no matter what…

Agreed with Outlaws. The one that pychtor linked on the bottom was literally the most ridiculous “OMG CAN THEY DO THAT ON JAPANESE TV” think I’ve seen so far.