Lotion Pyramid

In these clips, a group of comedians try to reach the top of a pyramid while they have hot water and lotion poured on them. Enjoy.



i watched these sometime ago really hillarious and interesting :rofl:

These are always fun.

I’ve actually been trying to find a similar clip I saw years ago (possibly via TvInJapan) where a bunch of guys are movers trying to get furniture out of an apartment but the floor is covered in oil or waxed, etc. Anyone else seen that?

i found it here [url:11m3dh3w]http://en.zappinternet.com/video/PeYgDonWub/Slippery-house-moving-2[/url:11m3dh3w]

Wow, even judging by the traditional Japanese comedy standards this is weird. No prize to win, no "theme", and it looks like they are just to have fun without any real purpose. Are there other segments in this show ?

[quote="tabris":23ojmcmp]i found it here [url:23ojmcmp]http://en.zappinternet.com/video/PeYgDonWub/Slippery-house-moving-2[/url:23ojmcmp][/quote:23ojmcmp]

Awesome. Been looking for that for years. Thanks!

Also, found another one.


no idea what they are saying but the physical was funny enough to keep my laughing lol

Does anyone have a mirror? The videos have been removed due to copyright claims. Thanks

Both videos in one file

DL: [url=http://depositfiles.com/files/od49bs09o:1r43kwal]Depositfiles.com[/url:1r43kwal] | [url=http://rapidgator.net/file/7070329/lotion_pyramid.rar.html:1r43kwal]Rapidgator.net[/url:1r43kwal] | [url=http://www.mediafire.com/?8cmtohgtend1clu:1r43kwal]Mediafire.com[/url:1r43kwal]

[size=150:1r43kwal]Password: gaki-no-tsukai.com[/size:1r43kwal]

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Thank you very much! I’ve been looking for this for a while!