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Hello! The first thing what I’ll say, is this: sorry for my English, and hopefully you all will understand me. :smiley: I’m 16 years old girl from Finland, who was introduced to Gaki no Tsuki a few years back (when I didn’t understand almost nothing from the english subtitles, but still got a good laugh from then), but today I found myself here - and hopefully I’ll stay here too.

I’m at business school as a media-assistent, and from my experience I love it. Imagine, the latest cameras, video cameras, computers and so on— so let’s put it simple: for a nerd (which I am) it’s like a heaven. I love movies, voices (other people’s), music and of course, a visual effects. (You can’t even imagine how much I drool because of these things - people, I need to go to hospital!)

So yeah, what else I can say? I listen pretty heavy music, LOVE cats and I hate snow. :DD

Hope we’ll be friends! 8)

Welcome to the forum! I hope the amount of content in this place satisfies you ;D

Hei ja tervetuloa,
Terveisiä Tallinnasta

Oh, believe me, this forum has already satisfied some of my needs! :smiley: But thanks!

Btw, [b:2sulasqt]Senkun[/b:2sulasqt], oletko suomalainen vai virolainen? :DD

Saksan :P
Joitakin vuosia sitten muutin Tallinnaan.