Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko ☆ Hiroshi Abe ☆ New J-drama

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We have a GREAT treat for you all:
Hiroshi Abe comes back as: "The man that can’t get married" as Kuwano Shinsuke, a successful architect. He is well-to-do, knowledgeable and good-looking. He is now 53, still lives alone in the same apartment, which has the latest gadgets, and enjoys single life. Although he fell for Hayasaka Natsumi, the doctor who treated him and changed his perspective toward marriage, and even dated, they later broke up. So Kuwano’s heart is shut firmly to love again. He is even more eccentric now, and feels a little anxious when he thinks about the future. One day, the wheels of fate start to move all of a sudden after a chance encounter with some women.

Please enjoy episode 1 with no commercials. ... i-abe.html