Mandarin Orange incident


haha this is cute! thanks for sharing… :clap:

This is what would happen when matsumoto and hamada get maried.

loooooool XD

This is Gottsu, not Gaki.

Haha that’s really cute he just kept peeling them xD

…And eating them :lol:

Haha, that’s funny how Matsumoto just kept on going and going!

By the way not to be a pain or anything, but doesn’t this belong in the “Gottsu Ee Kanji” section?

Hahaha… It was a very simple sketch but i laughed my ass off!!! :clap:

Sadly, the video is removed :unsure:

found video with no subs.
spoiler : the old lady wants tp eat mandarin but instead she wants her husband to eat for her.

Still, there is a huge confusion between Downtown’s Gaki no Tsukai and Gottsu e Kanji. Oh, well.

I cannot move this topic to Gottsu section. i dont know how. :confused: