Marriage to a Ninja is Difficult ☆ 忍者に結婚は難しい

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Kusakari Hotaru (Nanao) is married to Kusakari Goro (Suzuki Nobuyuki) and she works as a pharmacist. She holds a secret that she is really a ninja and part of Koga Ninja’s family. Her husband holds a routine job as a postal delivery carrier, but he has a secret as well. He is also a ninja and part of wellknown Iga Ninja’s family. Even though Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro are a married couple, they are unaware their partner is a ninja. For generations, the Koga Ninja and Iga Ninja families have been rivals and quite hostile to each other. While Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro married because of love and their marriage life started off well, their relationship has deteriorated over things like home chores and not following proper bathroom etiquettes (leaving up the toilet seat). An assassination takes place on the first episode. Will Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro choose their marriage or their family affiliation? This drama is NOT the typical Ninja stereotype you all know; see it and you’ll enjoy the modern Ninja warfare.