Marshmallow Eating Show Subbed

Hello Gaki fans, :hai:

I would like to introduce myself. I am Kazuma and I am a typesetter. I have subbed few videos and they are on my Youtube channel. You can stop by to visit this channel.

Anyway, I want to let you know that I and my partner already translate and typeset a video. It is a Marshmallow Eating Show. If you like to watch this video, please go to this link.

Subbed video:

By the way, I am Deaf and I live in USA for a decade. My English is pretty good but it is not advanced as people in America. If you notice something’s wrong in my grammar, please let me know. :nod:

If you look for a typesetter, I am here to help you. I can only time and typeset. Please email me:


Hi there! :)

[quote="KazumaSanjaya":3bnk9w0y] By the way, I am Deaf and …[/quote:3bnk9w0y]

Me too!