Matsumoto Adidas Jacket

Hi guys,

i hope one of you knows what this jacket, Matsumoto is wearing in the current batsu game, is called ?

Aside from that, he is wearing a lot of Adidas wear, must be his favorite brand or something

go to or

adidas pruduce thousand of different clothes

yeah machan has style! 8)

anyway theres gonna be a lot of looking until you find the exact item, but good luck
i’d help but i havent seen that one

I wrote an email to the adidas customer support, maybe they can help me.

it might be unique since he has the money. I have looked for it and no online catalog had something similar either. Maybe its too old or unique or just japan market not sure.

Here you go, though you might have a hard time finding it in stores. My Google-fu was strong this morning. ‘Tweed’ was the operative word when searching for it.



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