Matsumoto Backstage[Request Subs]

There was recently a thread on ‘‘Other’’ section that someone posted about the life of Matsumoto or backstage,something like that. - 5 parts.(The YT link was posted by Hotarubi and the thread started by PEGO)

I would just like to ask if someone could please sub the parts since it seem’s interesting to know what goes behind a comedian’s life and especially of Matsumoto(Who probably all of you love him :mm: ).

So pleaseee~ :bow: If anyone could sub it we’d really appreciate it.
Thank you for reading and sorry if I was rude in any way by requesting this.

[b:28v6pn4e]Zurui picked it up(Thank you).Please delete this thread.[/b:28v6pn4e]

Hey guys,
I’m working on this one, if anyone else is also, please let me know. Thx