Matsumoto complains about Curry

Hi everyone, found this skit on Megavideo:


Its subtitled and its pretty funny, especially the look Matsumoto gives at the end.

Here is it on Youtube:


Very Funny :D I’m 100% OK with Matsumoto about Curry: It HAS to be Spicy :inlove:

And the last thing he said was funny as hell :lol: But how can he say that since he’s not married? That’s the proof that Matsumoto used to go to Love Hotels xD

This is hilarious! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

The comment and the eyes Matsumoto makes at the end of the video… priceless :clap:

EDIT: [url=]Here[/url:2y3inihf] it is on Megaupload, if you wanna download it

[b:1eppuwfk]Ú.Ú MATSUMOTO SAN[/b:1eppuwfk]

great post!! i knew it’d end with an amai quip.

Please reupload :)