Matsumoto Crying (subbed)

Hey guys,
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this floating around YT by now, but I thought I’d sub it anyway. Hope you enjoy it.


Can anybody tell what’s going on here? Why is Matsumoto crying? I haven’t seen this episode in its entirety… Is this a another skit or is Matsumoto seriously crying?? :?:

what kind of test ?

[quote="ShadiHD":157nrmpa]what kind of test ?[/quote:157nrmpa]

It’s supposed to be a college entrance exam. In this skit, they all were supposed to have taken it but Matsumoto is overreacting while the others are cool about it.

Matsumoto yelling WHY at the floor. Endo’s response: You should be yelling at the sky. haha!!!

Hilarious !!
"It’s the 13th year ."
He never passed nor took the test before ! How was he supposed to pass this one XD !?

Yay!! You are amazing Zurui!!! :inlove:

hey !

i found this on YT
it’s from gaki #556 - 08.04.2001

dunno if this help

Link is down,
Does anyone have a copy?

Subbed part: ... rying.html

Full episode (Raw):