Matsumoto & Hamada as Geisha Girls

[quote:ruggth3y]Downtown have also made a lot of money from activities outside of TV. They’ve released best-selling albums under their own name and as the [b:ruggth3y]Geisha Girls[/b:ruggth3y]. [/quote:ruggth3y]


[url=,FLJG-9006.html:ruggth3y]link with audio-samples[/url:ruggth3y]



The HipHopBigbeat tune is great.


Damn it, there is no way to get the singels and album as mp3 files. :unsure:

and interview:


Downtown’s rap game rolls DEEP! :clap:

I know this is a crazy request, but…

[color=#400000:3jozec3l][b:3jozec3l][size=150:3jozec3l]Does any of you have the lyrics of [i:3jozec3l]Kick & Loud[/i:3jozec3l]?[/size:3jozec3l][/b:3jozec3l][/color:3jozec3l]

It would be great to make a karaoke out of this :rofl:

Thanks in advance.

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I just found the special episode that explain the whole production process of Geisha Girls. Downtown going to New York to meet Ryuichi Sakamoto in the recording studio and what happened there:


[u:2z5hnktq]Musics – Geisha Girls - Kick & Loud (1994) :[/u:2z5hnktq]
3-[url:2z5hnktq][/url:2z5hnktq] (It’s not them)

[u:2z5hnktq]Music – Geisha Girls - SHONEN (1995) :[/u:2z5hnktq]

[u:2z5hnktq]The special episode NY :[/u:2z5hnktq]
Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Live TV :
Live NY : … re=related

The other name : ゲイシャ・ガールズ - Kick & Loud

#Sample - Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova : … 0Casanova/ ... ova%20Rud/

#Lyrics :