Matsumoto & Hamada window incident

This is a short skit from Matsumoto and Hamada, I wonder what Matsumoto was trying to say to Hamada… Haha.
(English Subbed)

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haha. pretty funny stuff

Haha… Yeah… totally ^^
I wonder how Matsumoto’s window cleaner got on the other side ^^

Matsumoto here’s like his character in the Sho-ta skits… you gotta love his facial expressions :clown:

this is from ashita ga arusa drama~

Someone still have this or can upload it??

Didn’t saw video. Is this from that?


Please Re-Up :(

Since its from the Ashita Ga Aru Sa series, you might be able to find it in the subbed episodes here:

Woow thank you realy mucg ;) , i found it and it´s sooo hilarious

I’m luaghing way more than I should be right now :inlove: