Matsumoto Hitoshi no Konto MHK Episode Downloads [Completed]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Pilot Episode [1280x720] - 2010.10.15[/b:2p0tgk1t]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Episode 1 [1280x720] - 2011.11.05[/b:2p0tgk1t]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Episode 2 [1280x720] - 2011.12.03[/b:2p0tgk1t]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Episode 3 [1280x720] - 2012.01.07[/b:2p0tgk1t]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Episode 4 [1280x720] - 2012.02.04[/b:2p0tgk1t]

[b:2p0tgk1t]Episode 5 [1280x720] - 2012.03.04[/b:2p0tgk1t]

Great job Hand! That show is so surreal.

man I’m gonna have to drop an american tv show soon good thing chuck is ending that will make room for this show liking it

I’ll give it a try.

[quote="Kanzaki":3jo3wi9k]I’ll give it a try.[/quote:3jo3wi9k]
u dont give it a try, everything that involves mat-chan is a [size=200:3jo3wi9k][color=#FF0000:3jo3wi9k]WIN[/color:3jo3wi9k][/size:3jo3wi9k]

:devil: 8)

on the pilot episode, there is a black dude in the UFO skit and i swear he looks just like Jerry Rice from the San Francisco 49’ers, especially when they show him after the UFO is remodeled.

newest episode added. enjoy!

is it subbed?

It is not subbed, but its still a laugh, mind you ep 1 is almost all talk, can`t w8 to see the train skit subbed thou :D

Here i found episode 3 from 2012.01.07

[quote="Yamazaki Ichiban":dmav3lme]Here i found episode 3 from 2012.01.07

Thanks, I thought they had skipped january because of newyear and all :whew: Uploading the rip right now :)

could you please reupload the pilot and eps 1-2 links? almost all of them are down except eps 1 from

[quote:3caex12l]Matsumoto Hitoshi no Konto MHK Episode Downloads [Completed]
by hand » 06.11.2011, 17:17

With episode 5 this series came to an end. I will upload episodes 1-4 in 720p too within the next couple days so stay tuned.


Pilot Episode [1280x720] - 2010.10.15 | |

Episode 2 [1104x622] - 2011.12.03 | |[/quote:3caex12l]


Can you put your links on the following episodes (see above). Because they are dead, unfortunately.

Thank you so much to you.

Good day,

updated with new links

-edit: i’m back! so if you have reup requests now is the time to state them. just drop me a pm with the thread link.

Thank you, hand san for answering my reupload request.
Truly appreciate your great work!!

Thank you Hand greatly appreciated. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: