Matsumoto is having a surgery, he'll have to stop work for 1

Bad news…Maa chan has a tear in his femur and has to undergo a surgery…he has to stop all work and will probably come back after 1-2 months.
I read it in the newspaper today and was shocked ;(


I hope he will get better soon :D:smiley:

but doesn’t that affect the future no laughing batsu games ??
I mean, he does get hit on his ass so it will probably hurt his hip, too.
And if the striker miss the ass he may be hurt even worse…

I just hope that everything will go well :D Good luck Maa-chan <3

That sucks! 2 months without Matsumoto!!

Any info about how he got that damage?

@ KiraNatsume
Is it really the batsu games you first think of? D:

But two months without Matsumoto might be really tough. Wow. :confused:

We all know what 2 months without Matsumoto means.

It will deeply interfere with Hamada’s performances. Or 2 months without Downtown sketches, for short. Too bad.


Get well Matsumoto :flowers:

It’s his health now and in the future I think of :)

I didn’t say it’s about the games but his health while doing things like that :P

Do you think he got this injury from the Batsu Games ? Anyways, hope he gets better :D

That’s totally depressing. It’s probably from all the crazy stuff he does. He isn’t getting any younger. Maybe it an extreme form of a stress fracture. I doubt being hit with a latex stick would cause soo much damage. I noticed during the last Batsu game it seemed like he wasn’t getting hit nearly as hard as previous years. So maybe he was already hurting.
Man. 2 months without Ma-chan. That’s going to be tough. He’s my favorite. :(

i tore my hamstring last saturday, i’ll be out for 3 to 6 months. but nobody cares about me… ITS HURTS LIKE KRAZY!!! so people take my word… work on your flexibility!

Sorry to hear about that Ezo. Hope you feel better soon. Lay off the weights and exercise for a bit.

So, more Heipo? :D

Seriously, get well soon, Matsumoto!!

It’s gonna be tough to see both Gaki and Lincoln without Matsumoto. But is there a possibility for Heipo to come on Lincoln? Hmm…

[quote:3q3oetpq][i:3q3oetpq]Originally posted by jambalope1313[/i:3q3oetpq]
But is there a possibility for Heipo to come on Lincoln?[/quote:3q3oetpq]
No. Different TV stations. Remember, Heipo is an employee of one TV station.

Get well soon Matsumoto-sama!!! :flowers:

Thanks Spike. and yeah, i’ll have no choice but to take it easy for awhile, its been 2 weeks and i still can’t put on my own sock and shoe by myself. So thats my first goal! Put on sock and show without assistance.

but anyways, im not the one who provides awesome comedy. Matsumoto does. So may the Force be with him!

Aw dont say that. You are a valued part of the fansite too. Good luck with your sock quest, hopefully you’ll be able to put it on without pain soon.

he will hopefully be alright after it…

It wouldn’t be the first time, that he wont be a major part of the Batsu Game… I know its fun with him being a part of it… But even if he cant this year… he will be sure on camera to make them laugh.

I hope you get better soon Matsumoto. Rest up and take a couple of months off.

I don’t know why people are going “oh, he won’t be able to play a batsu game! OH NOEEZZZZ!!!”

The 24 hr batsu games are once a year, recorded a few weeks before new years day. There’s a great chance he’ll be better by then, or he’ll be directing the games, like in 24 Hrs in a Police Station, which was a great one.

My only question will be if there will be anyone replacing Matchan or will they be fine with the 4 of them? I see can see a funny hospital visit or replacing Matsumoto with an animal and pretending he’s not gone at all.