Matsumoto makes girl cry ~ Hamada's poor drawing skills~

[b:19nqcnv8]Matsumoto makes girl cry ~ Hamada’s poor drawing skills~[/b:19nqcnv8]

The sub is up to 2:29

[quote:19nqcnv8]Matsumoto: “How has the crew been to you?”

Girls: “They’ve all been very nice”

Matsumoto: “Even Hamada?”

Girls: “Yes. He’s very kind.”

Matsumoto: “What the hell?! Whenever I go to the toilet he tries to prank me. He’ll take my straw and…” *drops straw and hits girl next to him"

Girl: “Why did I get hit?” cries

M: “She’s crying.”

Audience: “EH!?”

Hamada: “I feel sorry for you Matsumoto.”

M: “I’ve done it again. First it was Morning Musume, and now this. Oh come on, I didn’t hit you hard. You’re just acting, right?”

Girl keeps crying

M: Here’s some tissue.

girls takes some and looks angry

Macchan leaves stage, comes back

M: Hi. I’m Macchan. Maybe you’ve seen me on TV?[/quote:19nqcnv8]


Credits go to Black Gaki & ooinomikado

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