Matsumoto vs. Gackt - Do Not Laugh!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anybody know what the drink was?

Could somebody please sub this? this is so funny. Great videos

this was great really funny, as a fan of downtown and gackt i enjoyed this.

WARNING fangirl moment :inlove: Gackt looks fantastic in this (he was probably born in leather pants ^^)

Yeah, what was that drink? I think I heard something like “diet coke” for a second, and the colour is the same too, but why did everyone almost throw up? :lol:

I can’t watch the video now since I’m out of mb lol. I watched it long ago though.

I remember the drink was some kind of expired juice? Ehhh I can’t remember…

The drink was 100% noni juice
Noni is a fruit that’s very good for the body but is extremely bitter.

Muahahhahahahaha… that was so epic!

It was actually cute to see the ever-cool and ever-mysterious Gackt trying to suppress his laughter :inlove:

And the reactions in the end… LOOOOLLL :clap:

gackt’s contatc lenses are kowai

thats noni juice gojinki?!?! my mother drinks it and sales that stuff. the smell is terrible. i’ve never tasted it because of the smell but i can’t imagine taking a gulp of it. thanks for the info. now im actually curious to drink it.

HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP (2004.11.08)
Gackt vs. Matsumoto: No Laughing game
"Kimini Aitakute" Performed by Gackt