Matsumoto's interview?

Hi guys,

I was scouring the net for more gaki vids and i stumbled upon this one where Matsumoto is being interviewed and they’re showing vid clips where they are trying to scare Matsumoto, and then they showed a vid clip of him way back in 1989. It looks like he’s in a concert but he was crying and so were the audience. I’m wondering why. If anyone can shed a light on what was going on in this vid clip, it would be appreciated!

Here’s the link:


Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to put up links but I don’t know how to download the video. Thanks!

The whole thing is posted in the Matsumoto AH Specials. Basically, everytime Macchan says Ah, he’s attendance fee goes down. It’s pretty funny, especially when he sees himself sing. Thanks for putting up this clip, I was looking for one that had a better beginning.

thanks for the info!

but what about the 1989 clip? what was it about? im curious coz everyone was crying! ?(

tnx tnx! 8)

I believe that was when Downtown was leaving their local show and moving to Tokyo to start Gaki.