Matsumoto's Psychic Powers (subbed)

Yay. Found it on YT today and had to share it with you all! :)


Yeah didn’t feel like embedding the video. Too lazy. But anyhow, enjoy. The subs are so-so on this one, but hey what can a girl do?

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Haha, thanks for the find. Matsumoto and Hamada are always funny to watch.

Seems like video in first post got deleted. Here’s working one I found:

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so good :clap:

Thanks for not embedding it, girl - on a JAPANESE GAKI FORUM, no less!!! So it can lob right back to me!! :laugh:

Pistachioguy (the Youtube vid uploader) here. Thanks for your vote of confidence on my subs, BTW. Think you can do any better? - be my guest! (It may be a good idea to learn how to spell and write in complete sentences first though - slowly…start very slowly)! :D

The identical clip I uploaded earlier was taken down because of copyright claims (!) filed by some unknown tiny-penis punk geeks named “Copyright for Computer Software”.

You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, wudja bobo?

Is that short for Bobo the Clown? :devil:


thanks lumberjack :D - happy birthday, btw! :drink:

Please help achive these videos by downloading them then uploading them to mediafire or megaupload, I’m sure they’re gonna get deleted in a couple days…

OR, you might consider downloading the flv file from the Youtube page with Orbit or similar other downloader and just saving it onto your HDD.

Shibatabread does something similar I would think, and he is the Master par excellence both in translating and in outwitting the dumb punks at Youtube! :D

“I’ve been going to this high school for 7 and 1/2 years, I’m no dummy.” - Curtis Armstrong

You can keep your school papers and eat them, they’re not worth anything if you want to impress people (as you so obviously are being so offended by someone pointing out there are mistakes). Before you say anything, yes I could do better.

Someone woke up on the douche side of their bed didn’t they? Oh, you are soo smart, aren’t you, hairy man. On internet forums I write how I speak. Often times I speak in incomplete sentences, just like the average person in my area. If I were doing something that required complete sentences I would use them. As for spelling, I see no spelling mistakes in my post. You must be from some country where they spell differently than I do. It must be The Land of Douche.
You should be grateful that I posted your video here. I give you some extra views and yet you get all puffy when I say your subtitles were so-so. I know subbing is difficult, but in comparison to some of the magnificent subtitles I have seen before yours aren’t nearly as good. I am a harsh critic and if I say so-so, it’s a compliment. I can’t speak Japanese, but that doesn’t mean I can’t critique you. Can most movie critics film a better movie than the one they are reviewing? In most cases they can’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s good and what isn’t.
Learn to take criticism. It’s good for you and it make your work better in the long run. Dear lord. I haven’t used any incomplete sentences. Oh wait I have in this paragraph. Shoot.

internet wars lmao

I know. Ain’t they wonderful? ;) He went against the wrong person. I’m a warmonger on the internet and am sometimes a bit of a troll on certain forums. (Not on here though. This site is cool and I love Gaki, so I don’t really feel the need to cause havoc.)

LOL! Didn’t go against the “wrong” person - just against a retard who gets his or her rocks off talking trash on forums, without having the competence to actually upload and sub episodes of his/her own. Notice my disregard, ambivalence, even ignorance regarding your gender. That’s about the level of respect and attention you deserve, and which I choose to grant you!

Offended? Why would I possibly be offended by a set of punks who have neither the competence nor the capacity to put their money where their mouths are, and actually sub and upload something, instead of wringing their hands and sabre-rattling online like a set of haggard old ladies? Do I look like I care that you claim, notice emphasis on claim, that you can do better? Will be back in about a week to ten days time to see what fine comebacks you grace this forum with, since frankly, that about seems to sum up the extent of your abilities! :D

Not to beat a dead horse here, but there IS a subtle difference between being offended, and displaying rank contempt towards the incompetent. Look into it and let me know how that turns out when I return. Cheers kids!

“you can’t speak Japanese” - You said it - end of story, cunt. :D

Since you feel the need to come back and post you obviously do care, and it’s obviously not a claim since I have subbed and it is uploaded. I do know there is a difference between being offended and displaying rank contempt, the latter is called bragging and makes you look like an ass.

Funny thread

Extremely funny thread. Look at the little tyke go. You know I think you are enjoying yourself even more than I am. You came in here with your hackles raised demanding attention and we delivered. But you know this is getting boring already. All you can do is insult either of us with is incompetence. Soo scary. Please if you are going to try to insult me again, use a better argument. Or at least use a different one when insulting two different people. Come on be creative. This could be soo much fun if you would try a tad bit harder. See you in a week, hairy boy.

Oh poo, he ran off. Darn.