Mock Trial

Hey everyone, I just joined the forums, can’t wait for the new batsu game soon! I just wanted to ask a question, on Hamada’s wikipedia page it talks about how he gets very angry. In one segment it says

“Downtown pulls numerous pranks on their colleagues on Gaki no Tsukai. A common prank is to have Hamada pretend to lose his temper during a filming and become furious towards the unwitting victim. In the past, he has violently attacked the victim, including kneeing him in the face, giving a headbutt, and pulling his hair. His act is so convincing, it has brought his victims to tears. This prank has been pulled on Naoki Tanaka of the comedy duo Cocorico, a regular on Gaki no Tsukai. Tanaka testified during the mock trial, “I cried on someone’s chest for the first time in my life.””


Does anyone know if a video of the Tanaka incident exists???

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I don’t know if it’s shown elsewhere, but it is shown in the Best 5 of Yamazaki video. I’m not sure where I downloaded this at, but maybe someone else knows where to get it.

edit: I found it on veoh, search for “Yamazaki Best 5.” It appears at about 26 minutes in.

Here you go!


i had seen this one before. a man should never let another man make him cry like that. i love tanaka, but he broke down like a little girl here. :D there’s another prank by hamada where he is doing a skit with 3 girls and goes crazy on them. one guy subbed it, but i haven’t been able to find it again since on youtube.

[quote:1ksqjcyk][i:1ksqjcyk]Originally posted by BoovTheAlmighty[/i:1ksqjcyk]
Tanaka testified during the mock trial, “I cried on someone’s chest for the first time in my life.”"

:lol: Yeah, sure, first time...

Tanaka seems like the kind of person who is prone to tears.

@[b:10bdvlvt]rocky_iwata [/b:10bdvlvt], thanks for the video! What was it that Hamada was pretending to get mad at him about? I laughed when Tanaka said, “This makes me look so uncool,” (kakkowarui na). Poor Tanaka. Is there a thread where more of these pranks are listed?

Aww poor Tanaka :(

That’s really cruel of Hamada but still kind of funny…