More Mr.Bater subbed episodes?

Hey everyone, does anybody know where I can get more Mr.Bater peisodes with subtitles? I really like him! And I only have found RAW episodes on YouTube

I love these skits as well, but I guess it’s one of the less popular ones amongst the subber. It’s a shame that eChie has stopped subbing these.

Yeah. And there’s no way to contact him and ask him why did he stopped?

I guess there was a lack of time for him.

But there are more subbers, right?

There are, but they’re busy working on other projects (I know GodzillaRadio is working on new Suberanai Hanashi, Outlaws et al probably has something in the works, etc.), or just plain working, since all subbing here is only ever done for free in the subbers’ spare time. To further that point, I only know of one subber who even attempts to monetize their work, and that is J-Addicts, and trust me, thon isn’t raking it in. Also, eChie hasn’t been active for over a year now, maybe even two. Her blog is still up and functional, but I still wonder why she lapsed into inactivity, and wish for her to return.

eChie was the only subber that put her time (Didn’t knew eChie is a girl) on the Mr. Bater episodes, tough she only subbed like 3 or 4 out of god knows how many episodes are. I think many subbers can monetize their work since they’re putting a lot of their time on the videos for our entretainement, remember Team Gaki had problems with the last 2014 batsu parts to sub? One of their members was busy with college exams.

Probably eChie stopped subbing videos because she has more things to deal right now, Outlaws was dealing with other business in his real life, so probably she will be again with us sometime later.