More videos of Miracle Type - cocorico stars

Hi guys or maybe for girl fans! XD I found more drama videos of Miracle type in youtube. Sadly there are no subtitles. but I find them funny-- well some…
[yt]M4eQSt-4gkU[/yt] desperate man dreams his girlfriend
[yt]Wu526bUume8[/yt] Tanaka is good at basketball?
[yt]JjchrXrhfEU[/yt] an ugly girl uses her trick to make Endo some love lol
[yt]nWB7cicGdzw[/yt]skit of tanaka and endo. i think it is about betrayal?
[yt]5NgPka7yPnU[/yt]the impatient or mad professor?
[yt]uUUdU7W3Y4I[/yt] the lonely Endo without her mom?
[yt]0–_m99l3Sg[/yt]this is matchmaking party for ugly women to date.
[yt]8iv47vUhVu4[/yt] couple Beckham in japan lol
[yt]i6o9XPbt5a4[/yt] crazy volleyball ball — also stars Yamazaki

this is site of a user who post a lot videos about it.

I will come back here to add more videos