Morning Musume & 2003 Shuffles

“On to the show… Morning Musume are first up, and the hosts take it upon themselves to search through the bags each member brought with them to the stage. This is the segment where they find that ‘famous’ private photo of Tsuji and Kago…”
“11WATER comes next, and they’ve brought a few bottles of very expensive drinking water with them. Hosts Hamada and Matsumoto give each of them a try, and give their impressions.”
“Next up is 7AIR. They’ve brought in some aromatherapy machines with them, keeping with their group’s theme of ‘air’. The hosts find them to be a little hard to get used to though…”
“Finally, SALT5 comes to the stage. Their activity is to make rice balls filled with various ingredients, and seasoned with some expensive varieties of salt they’ve brought in. Matsumoto & Hamada then try all the girls’ different rice balls and give their verdict.”
“Performances of all three 2003 Shuffle songs are included, along with Morning Musume performing ‘Shabondama’. Enjoy the show!”

File Size: 614 MB
Duration: 42 minutes
Subtitles: English