Mounting - Hamada RAPES Matsumoto!

This is EXELLENT, you gotta watch it :D

Matsumoto is trying to explain that a guy in a full mount has almost no chance to do anything, of course Hama-chan takes advantage of it!

No need for sub, “body language is universal” lol


lmao I was almost in tears from watching them. he had matsumoto at his mercy!
thanks for posting this

THe video has been deleted.

ohh…someone fix this video! i wanna watch it so badly!

I’m trying, I’m trying :scared:

Well, uh, I tried :pinch:


This is the Manzai DVD 7 which is about 1:41:55 long.
[size=134:3nmq72ci][b:3nmq72ci]The mounting part starts at 6:40[/size:3nmq72ci]


Does anyone know which episode this was in?

If you do please tell me !

please tell me which episode this was is =( i want to see it so badly…

Anyone still have this video? Links don’t work.
Please and thank you

Any chance for reup? :)

[quote="Fengson":gd0x0j1j]Any chance for reup? :)[/quote:gd0x0j1j]

well it’s in the DVD7 so try downloadin’ it ;)

you can try D-addicts : , but the torrent is probably dead … :lol: :lol:

is this subbed

Nope (no one’s seeding either)


Now FBI has taken down Megaupload… sigh

U.U… I know, I’m waiting to see were to upload the videos I have to share in manzai, this are my favorite videos :9

GOD DAMN! someone post this video please! D:


HOHOHO’ someone should sub this… ~ and what the hell is that in the end LOL :P

…That is definitely one interesting thread title. O.o And curiosity did kill the cat… XD

Thanks for the re-up! I’ll be dl-ing it when I get home! :inlove:

Edit: Oh no! The link is dead! :(