Mr Bater - Doctor Visit (subbed)

Hi Everyone!
Here is another vid that I subbed.
I’ m sorry that actually I am not a native English speaker as you notice,
and there might be some mistakes.
Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it :$


it’s really funny :D

Nice one, keep it up!

Thanks for subbing these. i had seen them without subs and was always curious as to what the crap they were saying. HIGH 5 :rock: :rock: :rock:

Why i cannot watch this video? it says "this video is private".

i also get its private

i can’t watch it either, because it’s private. ;(

same here… its private

you can download it from fileserve by visiting eChie’s Site

man, noritsukkomi (playing fool along) comedy is great!
and to add to the combo, Matsumoto references the other guy’s escapades with girls, awesome.