Mr.Bater Fish Shop


Thanks for uploading these ^^

i dont see anyting where do i download them

I’m sorry, but I am new to this forum and don’t really understand how the linking to files someplace else works. I also do not see where I can download/view this, could you please help me by explaining it to me? Thank you so much and keep up the good work :)

Looks like the link is already down or was likely taken down long, long ago by Fuji TV. You got to be quick sometimes with the links, especially the YouTube ones.

For the above YouTube link, you would simply insert the bracketed info into a generic YouTube link. Veoh, etc. apparently work the same way.

e.g.******** … e=featured

would be … e=featured

if you substitute the *********** with ZWAzS-SrmhA.

Aha, I see,

I suspected that it would be something like that but when I tried it wouldn’t work because I didn’t insert the "/watch?v=" part. Thank you so much for explaining it to me :D :D :D