Name of this kombi?

Hey guys,

Sorry if this is a repost, I just had no idea what to put in for the search engine.

I’m trying to look for this owarai kombi (duo), and I just can’t remember their names.

I remember there’s one guy who plays the normal character (tsukkomi) while there’s a guy who plays this weird super hero named White Aka-Man and yells “pi-pi-pi-pi-pi!” (I know weird), he’s the boke, and at the end of every gag he hits himself on the head.

Sorry if this all sounds bizzare :P.

Thanks in advance!!! :D

Do you have any video of them? It would be way easier to find out.

I finally found them! They’re a group called 5GAP.




Sorry these aren’t subbed.

Thanks for your concern Leo-Kun!!

Oh my it’s cold here oh so cold.

Sorry for my thread being so “cold” and lame gojinki.

I also noticed this is in the wrong place, please feel free to delete this thread.