Has anybody ever heard about this show?
I saw a report on TV about this show in the late 90s.
It was i believe the sickest show ever made.
Although it might be entertaining, i think it went way too far.

I tried to find some clips about this show, but i couldnt find any on the internet.

To get an idea about this show “Nasubi” check this link and tell me what you think…


The actual name of the show he was on was “Susunu! Denpa Shounen”. I have looked for the Nasubi episodes periodically for a while but I can never find them. ;(

On the Hulu website they had some Denpa Shounen episodes for a while but they took them down for some reason. X( They had some with a female comedian named Funako (if you watch the Gaki Bus Tour Series she is the girl that Hamada has to kiss on the bridge in the 6th episode!) where every day she would pull a recipe from a box and she would have to go buy the ingredients and make it herself or she couldn’t eat. The catch was she had to buy the cheapest ingredients in the Kantou Region of Japan (7 prefectures) and she had to use a bike to get around. So she would have to bike 50 miles one way to get the cheapest eggs and 60 miles another way to get the cheapest chicken and so on and if the store closed before she got there or they ran out of the ingredient then she lost. She had to do this until she saved enough money to go to Disneyland. Her calves got huge!

I would love to watch the Nasubi episodes too! I hope I can find them some day.

Damn, I watched it on Hulu myself and this topic made me remember it. Gah, wanna watch it again.

Edit: Found a couple youtube vids.