Need proper subs for the Spy Batsu...

Sorry I have been posting so much this morning, but I haven’t been here in a long long time and am now trying to get all my new Batsus together, but the threads for the Batsus are more confusing than ever to read.

I have proper Subs for all my Batsus except for two; Spy and Enthusiastic Teachers. I realize there might not be anything for the Teachers one yet but the Subs I have for the Spy Batsu are really bad. Characters names are outside of the viewing area as well as what the narrator says and facts and information up top and. It is as if the Subtitles are too zoomed in perhaps for a different version. I have the 720p Spy Batsu downloaded and I need proper subs for it.

The one I have downloaded that is wrong is: ... P__No.html

Was labeled as "Fixed 720p Spy Batsu subtitles" but it is all wrong for me. I am using VLC Media Player if that makes any difference.

But that file’s text is out of place like I described above.

Sorry to make a seperate thread but navigating the thread and downloading from a bunch of different links makes me nervous. So does anyone have a proper sub file for the 720p Spy Batsu?

You already complained about this on the sub thread, 2 hours ago. You could have waited for someone to answer you there, threre was no need to create a new thread only for this. Also, you should have posted on the "request" section of the forum.

Try downloading a different version of the video. Hope you manage to make it work.