New complete Matsumoto Haunted Hotel Subs

Hello everyone!

I might have been a little inactive lately on the forum. I was working hard on the hotel subs together with Shibata, but now I had the chance of finished an old project of mine. I got Shibata(I had to lick his feet to get him to do this :drool:)) to translate all the missing parts in the Haunted Hotel batsu so that i could finish it once and for all!

Updates in the new version:

  • More complete translation, missing parts have been filled.
  • New styling and coloring: everyone has been fit and colored to fit the batsu.

I will upload the video’s to my new account:[url=]AlexOnGaki[/url:3q77h4cd] and also post the links in this thread.

When finished, everyone can enjoy the version with the .ASS version:D


[b:3q77h4cd]Part 1:[/b:3q77h4cd]

[b:3q77h4cd]Part 2:[/b:3q77h4cd]

[b:3q77h4cd]Part 3:[/b:3q77h4cd]

[b:3q77h4cd]Part 4:[/b:3q77h4cd]

[b:3q77h4cd]Part 5:[/b:3q77h4cd]

My favorite Batsu! Let me kiss your hand :D Thank you for completing the best batsu imo. :flowers:
I also tried to color it some time ago but never finished it and it also had the missing parts etc.

I hope we can find a better video file in the future.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SLAYEER ! This was an awesome batsu game and funny as hell. I subscurbed to your youtube account. Once again, thank you.

Hey Alex, it’s me again. :D

I already thanked you on your youtube channel but i felt like doing it here also since it’s been quite a while that i joined this forum but never really participated in it (except on Shibata’s blog but yeah…). Will be trying to be a bit more present here also from now on.

So yes again good luck on the Haunted Hotel Batsu Game, i’m with you mate. ^^

haha, thanks for the support:p I will try finish up the next 2 parts in the late afternoon.

i will lick both of ya’lls feet after you step in doodoo for the work both of you have done and continue doing. may the power of He-Man be passed on to both of you! :clap:

thanks being waiting for this since shibata mentioned you are doing it :)

Awesome. Thanks a bunch you guys.


Part 5 is up:D

Thanks For your work!!!

^^D You guys rules!!!

can’t wait for the sub to finish!!! looking forward to it!!.. great subbing up till now

Good job Alex.

Hope you had a good time licking Shibata’s feet :drool: :clap:

[quote:2x15ndu7][i:2x15ndu7]Originally posted by Kanzaki[/i:2x15ndu7]
Good job Alex.

Hope you had a good time licking Shibata’s feet :drool: :clap:[/quote:2x15ndu7]


I will try to sub more often, i took a long break between 4 and 5 :pinch:

Really appreciate this :)

Aaah… youtube deleted them. Can’t wait for the sub file.

Hi guys, I am looking for the completed version of Matsumoto’s batsu in the haunted hotel. I looked around in some of the posts and I managed to find just the subtitles.
I tried to download the file for the subs but the link didn’t work, :( but even if I did download them, then I wouldn’t know where to get the video from.
Any help would be great.

ps… I would like the newer version, recently updated by Shibatabread if cool.

thanks :D

– 09.01.2011, 02:24 –

Actually all good I have the video and sub file, but I was wondering how do you integrate the sub file to the video?
I tried opening the sub file with the rar, but the rar doesn’t show up in the list of programs or applications that can open the file, so I am a little stumped on how to do it.