New downtown show?

In April 1987 (four years after their debut) DOWNTOWN began hosting a local television show called Yoji Desu Yōda ("It’s Four O’Clock"), which immediately raised them to idol-like popularity in the region (music singles, videos and photo books in which they posed like fashion models were released), especially among high school girls. After a tearful farewell concert, they ended the show and moved to Tokyo in 1989. Now. After 23 Years they have revived it and it is called 7時ですよーだ.


someone actually uploaded what seems to be the whole episode on youtube. it continues from where the OP’s video was cut off

here’s part 1

thanks mate !! I didn’t know they revived it !

can you explain what the show is about ? and if it’s going to be weekly so we can put a new forum part for it :angel: … or not :devil:

am I the only one who thinks downtown works too much ??? I mean they got on hell of an agenda ! so mny weekly shows and many monthly shows aand also unregural hows… plus their own shows alone (without the other member).

i don’t have much information on that yet because i can’t find a full episode online

all the gottsu ee kanji cast in there… now i remember seeing an episode of it but with Imada hosting instead of hamada…

its probably the same episode because they change depending on whose topic they are talking about

Besides Higashino and Itao, they’ve all really changed !!! o.0

[quote="Nighty":3lb7x9un]Besides Higashino and Itao, they’ve all really changed !!! o.0[/quote:3lb7x9un]

yea imada looks like he used botox or something like that, his face got puffy :|

hi, here is a link to the show:




this has probably been cleared up already, but since I missed the OP and this thread was brought back from the dead…

in, which is the first part of the show, pause at 07:00.
the top line reads: 「4時ですよ~だ」一夜限りの同窓会, which translates as "1 night only reunion of the cast of ‘It’s 4 o’clock’".