New posts since last visit

I miss that here. Or did i oversight it?

Maybe there is a way to add it? 8)

It’s in your “User Information” on the main page

[b:22b7oz2l]There are 1 new topics, 11 new posts and 3 new users since your last visit![/b:22b7oz2l]

Hmm yes but i was thinking about a Search Results link like “Active Threads from the Last 24h”.

I will see what I can do.

Okay just click on the numbers on the first page like Kanzaki told you. I know you mean something for the search function like on vb but I can’t find anything else for the wbb.

This is also fine. I’m pleased! :D

I can’t find it. Is it still somewhere?
And - is there a posibility for an RSS/Atom? I can’t find it either.
I would like to be able to see only new topics, not topics where someone wrote something new.

Thanks for answers.

It says

View unanswered posts • View unread posts • View new posts • View active topics

on the top on the main page. I’m not sure about the new topics RSS but I will look what I can find. There will be a time of change here anyway. I am just busy with college at the moment and it’s very very very important. I hope everyone understands.