New subber: Hotarubi

Please welcome properly hotarubi, our dear Japanese->French subber !

Thanks for your work !!

Glad to have her here!

Welcome Hotarubi and thank you!!!

[quote="SpikeBender":iuvzqja9]Welcome Hotarubi and thank you!!![/quote:iuvzqja9]

My apologies I forgot to thank her… Thank you Hotarubi.

That’s so awesome. Those enriched French classes I took years ago will now be put to good use.

Yes welcome and thx for her hard works. :bow:
Go on her profile for a link of dailymotion and her huge playlist.

Omedetou !!

Thank you !!
I’ll do my best to translate a lot of Gaki videos ! :clap:
Hotarubi ureshiii~ :*

very happy to be here with you all !

Welcome Hotarubi and thanks for your hard work :bow:
The french part of the community will be thankful :)

Welcome. :clap:
Im more clueless about French than Japanese but maybe google translate can get it translated to English. :)