New subber: zurui

Please welcome zurui to the Subber’s group! :clap:

Thanks for your hard work and keep on!

Yay! Congrats Zurui! :)

Its great to see another subber. Welcome zurui and thank you for your hard work!!

I’m honored! Thanks for all the support everyone!

congrats zurui!!! :clap: :clap: … i’ve been to your blog and seen your subbing quality and it is da bomb!!.. hope you can sub a whole lot more!!

Welcome subber zurui, and keep the good work :bow:

I s2 u xD

Congrats, Zurui!
Keep up the good work.


what? why? what has he done for the community? this is nonsense! ;)

Congrats Zurui!
itsumo arigatou… :)

Well earned. Keep up the good work!

Congratz. Your blog site is great. :clap:

Congrats and welcome zurui :hug:

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Thanks for your hard work. Almost each day we can find a new subbed video from you ;)

Great work Zurui and welcome! It’s a pleasure to have an active subber among us once again=)

Thanks zurui and welcome.

Thanks alot for always subbing for this community! :D

Welcome! And a big thank you to all the subbers of the Gaki community!

glad to have u here!

Viva la Zurui! ur rocks!!!