Newspaper Batsu game (PSP friendly)

Hi guys, great site here. Love the show, love these guys, and have been following this for a while now. :)

I will get to the nitty gritty though. I want to get Batsu games on my PSP in English. IO have downloaded some of them, but I haven’t found any hard subs anywhere that I can convert the video into a PSP friendly video. I would love to show the love to a few friends I will be meeting at my local con next week or so. This one was one of my favorite Batsu games, and would love to get it hardsubbed. If there are any hardsubs out there, can someone direct me where to go? I would greatly appreciate it. :D

Totally late reply but try DVDvideosoft or [url:1lzde2pl][/url:1lzde2pl] ?