next batsu game

know i know this seems a tad too early but i like to know what people would like the next batsu game to be .

Lol, it’s WAY too early to predict.

Don’t forget to repost this thread on October :P

it IS way too early. What a useless post, just look at last year’s post about the same thing, it’s not like our guesses will be any different.

We should delete this post and ban this idiot… alright, maybe that is a bit harsh… :P

Banning is for people who don’t do their research and spam.

I think we just have a ton of overzealous members here. cries in agony

You can delete this post when you read this reply, kyon. Or not.

although i want to delete it, if i do, he won’t see me calling him an idiot… what a conundrum.

btw ini, did you see the pm spike sent you yet?

Yes, kyon, you bastard, I saw the PM.

It was funny though, lol.

im not asking what the next batsu is im askin what people would want to see u idiot

Well I don’t think this post is stupid 'cause I’ve been thinking wich kind of batsu it could be for this year and honestly I would like to watch them in a restaurant. That’s just my opinion, it should be awesome… :clap: :clap:


And i’m saying it’s a useless/stupid post because it’s the same topic as the post guessing what this past batsu was like. The only difference will be that people shouldn’t guess hotel this time around. Go read and post in last years thread if you want to hear people’s predictions so bad, stop cluttering up the board.

And who’s the bigger idiot? The one who initially calls the other an idiot? or the one that comes back with the same word, calling a mod an idiot? 8o

I see a flame-war coming :devil:

Lol why not just post a link to the previous topic about future batsu games and lock this topic?

It’s always fun to think of what a future batsu game could be… but keeping it in one thread is a good idea.

I didn’t lock it because I wanted to see how far the flame-war will go =P

But in case, I’ll bump up the 2009 batsu suggestion post for you lazy duckers out there who clearly don’t know how to click on the ‘previous page’ link.