No-Laughing High School (2005) Bluray

Hello !

I have the blueray disc of this Batsu game so i share with you the raw :slight_smile:

I am Resynch and Edit thoses subtitles (huge thanks to them !!!) :
But first in french (since i already have deleted scenes parts in my hardsubbed version that dosen’t exists in this .ass), and i will do the full english version (but i will need someone to read my work because english isn’t my first language) [UPDATE : Done, download subtitles below or soft-subbed]

Soft-subbed (do not require subs files) :
Uncompressed BR torrent (bluray to mkv)
Compressed BR torrent (encoded with handbrake)

Raws :
Uncompressed BR torrent (bluray to mkv)
Compressed BR torrent (encoded with handbrake)

Subs files :

Bonus (08/03/20) : Add TV broadcasted audio source

Due to some comments about the fact that the TV audio is different than the DVD/BR audio, i did sync and edit the TV audio to match the bluray release. There is just one part where one of the music goes back to the cover version (2:12:52 to 2:13:03) before it cuts because it’s not on the TV version.

Prerequisites :
MkvToolNix :
Tv audio file :
And one of the mkv files above

1 - Drag and drop the mkv inside “Source files” :

2 - Drag and drop the audio file inside “Source files” and select the first option, then press ok :

3 - You can move the new audio file above or under the current existing audio file and setup the name and language in “properties”, but if you want to have it as default track you should set “Default track flag” on “Yes” and set the “Default track flag” of the already existing audio track on “No” :

You can now click on “start multiplexing” then you’ll be able to change the audio while playing :clap:

This is awesome. Thanks a lot for your work!

Fun-tastic! Thanks :bow:

Nice! But they changed the BGM so that’s the only part that I dont like.
Probably fine if you guys are first time watchers

As good as this is, there was a guy who made a Really clean DVD version, which to be fair looked better.

I have the DVD iso and the Bluray Disc, i don’t see how you can find DVD version better ?

You mean in term of content ? Because the BR version has better image, higher bitrate than DVD and looks sharper even if upscalled

I did resync tv broadcasted audio for Bluray release i’ll add details

I compared below the dvd mkv backup with the bluray mkv backup it’s almost the same yeah,but the BR definitely looks better. I precise that this is raw DVD (right) and raw Bluray (left), no encoding on both.

It’s also noticable on Hospital batsu between DVD backup and Bluray backup :wink:

Thank you! Now we can have the best video quality with the best audio.
Can you do the same with your other release? (hospital, haunted hotel etc)

If you can share with me the TV version yes :slight_smile:

I also updated the audio track there was a sync issue at the “silent library” sequence